Greetings from Tenerife! 🇪🇸🏝️

Lest anyone think life out here off the coast of North Africa is no work and all playa, behold my husband’s time-lapse of me and my post-beach hustle yesterday. ¿Muy serio, si? 🤣

From happy hour until Venus was bright in the night sky, I was busy catching up on emails, signing contracts, scheduling meetings for next week, filing away rejections (the Rioja helps!), sending off more applications and inquiries… Okay, there was a break for an amazing beet root hummus plate, but honestly not the worst way to spend a Thursday evening.

And now I feel like I can step away from the computer again, really enjoy the next couple days and hit the ground running on Monday when I’m back in ATL.

Hope you can step away and enjoy the weekend, too. Whatever you’ve done this week, you’ve earned it! Happy Friday! 🙌


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