turkeys and pumpkins and printables, oh my!

i LOVE Thanksgiving. the minute Halloween was done last weekend, i tore down all the spiderwebs and creepy stuff and started getting psyched about having a homeful of people i love in a few weeks. my mom, father-in-law and sister-in-law will all be visiting with us for the holiday. it’s the first time we’ve ever […]


stealing from myself: a poetweetagram

Wuss zone by Kristin Is about to be 1 badass scramble. And realize the sunroof is open. That this should be on my table Epically bad is about to happen In treasonous twitter rant I should probably pray more often. Jeans I just bought suddenly giant! Insane people who don’t listen. More fun Friday nights […]


happy blogiversary: 1 year, 10 lessons

i can’t believe it’s been an entire year since, following much deliberation and obsessing, finessing and freaking the fuck out, i quietly and haltingly, over several glasses of wine, took the password protection off this bad boy and unleashed it on the world. i was so nervous, y’all. what would anyone think? maybe no one […]