back to school: lessons for Creativity

Originally written for my company’s blog, I couldn’t resist sharing (okay, fine. Teasing.) A few of my favorite ways to reset and revive your creativity here, as well!

Growing up in Virginia, back-to-school time signaled the transition of summer to fall. The start of a new season. A clean slate that rivaled even New Year’s Day. It was a time of year to make a fresh start, complete with new jeans and backpacks; pristine notebooks and factory-sharp pencils; reuniting with old friends and making new ones; and a wide-open world of possibilities.

As an adult, I still get a little tingle when this time of year approaches. Here in Atlanta, back-to-school arrives a full month before Labor Day, making it much less of a seasonal transition and more of a transitional state of mind. I sent my second grader back last week in shorts and short sleeves, and we have several more weekends of pool time ahead. But, for me, this time of year still means a chance to regroup and refresh, a moment to get my mind (and workspace) straight and set my goals for the rest of the year. . . . Read more at

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