Blogtober14: my favorite book

gorgeous photo: MercerMe gosh, i could never pick just one. hi, i’m an English major, writer and sporadically avid reader. check out my nightstand for a taste of what i read on the regular. promise it isn’t deep or super-literary or much of anything out of the ordinary! when i’m on my game, i go […]


on deck: Rich Kids of Instagram

oh yes, i did. that’s right. go ahead. judge me. i couldn’t care less. so my literary tastes are shallow and vapid. so i have a penchant for stories that include gloriously gratuitous excess of money, drugs and sex. i don’t care. i can’t think of anything i’m more excited about right now than snuggling […]


in progress: The Goldfinch

if you’ve read my About page, you already know i’m a confessed book club failure. here’s the proof. i started this book for book club in um, February? not only did i not finish it in time for our first meeting in March, i’m not sure i’m even halfway through yet. it’s not that i […]