Blogtober14: hair of the dog

IMG_3424my current situation on November 1 at 11:00 a.m. kind of a mess, y’all.

when i finished my final Blogtober14 post on Thursday night and scheduled it for Friday, i breathed a sigh of relief, felt a sense of accomplishment and went about the business of Halloween — without a single thought about what i had to take pictures of to post or what story about the night i would tell. as far as i was concerned, i was off the hook for a post for an entire 2 days until my first promised Sunday short (eesh). it was like the last day of school. woo-hoo!

fast forward to this morning, when i find myself surrounded by the sugary, glittery remnants of last night’s revelry and power outage (spooky!), and this morning’s art project, puppet show and my own much-needed third cup of coffee. i was looking at some old writing to see if there was anything i could use as a starting point for my post tomorrow (negative), when i remembered a post earlier this week on A Writer’s Path with some prompts. i figured that might be good for some inspiration. on my way there, i got caught up in this post on Monica’s Tangled Web about the next big blogger challenge/link-up. NaBloPoMo: a post every day in November.

yep. i’m jumping back in, y’all. like that first bloody on the morning after a big night that just kinda sets you straight, it makes me feel like i might have a little bit of a problem . . . but it also feels really right. i’m probably crazy. who’s with me? let’s do this!

Blogtober14: Halloween costume reveal

i cannot even believe this is the very last post of Blogtober14 — or that i made it through all but the very beginning of the month! i’m really kind of sad it’s over! thanks so much  to Tay and Helene for doing this awesome link-up. i’ve had so much fun, met so many interesting bloggers, learned a lot about blogging and discovered a lot about myself, too. in short, a completely fun experience and i can’t wait to do it again soon!


i also cannot believe it is finally Halloween. the big reveal: Miss Girl is going as Batgirl, y’all! as you can see, she is ready to fight evil-doers and save the world. POW! i couldn’t be more proud of her. okay fine. i’m just excited she didn’t want to be Elsa, like every other 4-year-old girl on the planet! 

the house is decorated. the candy is bought (and i haven’t even sneaked one piece!). Spy is home. and we are ready for a completely epic night in the ‘hood. our neighborhood goes all out for this holiday, with tons of decorations, hordes of kids trick-or-treating and big kids cocktailing while giving out candy. given that it’s on a Friday, i’m sure the craziness will definitely get turned up a notch or two, and i just. can’t. wait.

hope everyone has fun and stays safe tonight! see you in November!

The Daily Tay Blogtober14

Blogtober14: facts about me

um, because i had a lot of extra time on my hands today. </sarcasm> this month has changed me, y’all. i felt some pressure to do something cool on the next-to-last day. the hierarchy is all kinds of a mess and these might not be the most interesting facts about me, but this is all quickly what i a) was comfortable putting on the interwebs) and b) thought i could make interesting by fitting them somewhat within the chalkboard template i made for Miss Girl’s facts on her first day of Pre-K a few months ago. takeaways: a) i am kind of getting a weird obsession with making chalkboards. b) my life stats don’t fit in the same boxes as a 4 year old (and that’s probably a good thing)! c) god, i’m fucking boring.

anyway, one more day of Blogtober14, y’all!

The Daily Tay Blogtober14

Blogtober14: most embarrassing moment


are you freaking kidding me? my life is a series of embarrassing moments, y’all.

there was that time in pre-school when i pooed on the playground. yeah, like the only moment from my early childhood that i actually remember.

there was the 7th grade moment, when my deep, but silent crush on Eric K. was revealed to him because some stupid girlfriend insisted we get in a picture together on his last day before he moved away (or some similar omg-i’m-never-going-to-see-you-again event).

there was the senior prom, where i showed up in the same dress as someone marginally more popular. (she was a cheerleader, but i def looked better!)

there was the more recent incident where i nearly tumbled down several stories of fans at the Georgia Dome during a Falcons game. (completely inappropriate shoes and Miller Lite were culprits in that one.)

certainly there have been moments in my work life, where i showed up woefully unprepared, but somehow faked it ’til i made it through, with minimal collateral damage.

and now, i might just be embarrassed at how incredibly lame this post is. until i do an even dumber one a week from now.

the super-cool thing is that either i don’t have a personality that embarrasses easily, i don’t have a personality that dwells on these horrible moments and lets them define me or i’m just really good at blocking out stuff i don’t like to think about.

embarrassing stuff happens to all of us. and the good news is that i’m pretty sure no one actually died of embarrassment. and everyone else is so worried about what people think of them, they usually don’t even remember the dumb stuff you do. so get over yourself and move on!

Helene in Between Blogtober

Blogtober14: very superstitious

okay, not really. but you gotta love seeing Stevie Wonder perform on Sesame Street back in 1973! (don’t even want to know how many other Blogtober14 posters used that one today . . . meh.)

anyway, for a girl with a solid black cat for going on 15 years, it makes sense i’m not that prone to superstitions. but it turns out, my list even shorter than i thought it was going to be:

  1. bad always things happen in 3s. sometimes good things, too, but when you get 2 bad ones, you always know there’s gonna be a third.
  2. always kiss the car ceiling when you run a red light — or even come close. definitely prevents accidents.
  3. always knock on wood to avoid tempting fate. you can never be too cautious.

but there’s one more thing i’ve been wanting to write about, which i’m not sure if it’s a superstition, exactly, but i think it comes close. everything happens for a reason. Spy hates this saying. he just thinks it’s dumb. and it does kind of sound dumb, but i think it’s a perfectly legitimate way of looking at the world. in fact, the The New York Times published an article a couple years ago about the benefits of “magical thinking” like this:

. . . superstitious thought, or “magical thinking,” even as it misrepresents reality, has its advantages. It offers psychological benefits that logic and science can’t always provide: namely, a sense of control and a sense of meaning.

i don’t believe in predestination to the point that our fates are completely sealed. but i do believe that when crazy shit happens (sometimes even non-crazy shit), there is usually something we are supposed to learn or there is something that comes out of it that puts us in the next place in our lives we are supposed to be — whether that means geographically, emotionally, financially or whatever.

the The New York Times also published a piece more recently, criticizing this way of thinking for shifting the way we look at the world in favor of the status quo and against people who aren’t in a good place in life, because it assumes they must have done something “bad” to deserve what’s happened to them.

i definitely don’t think it’s a “good behavior gets rewarded/bad behavior is punished” kind of thing. anybody who’s lived in the world for a day knows life is not even close to that fair that we all get what we deserve. but i definitely believe life mysteriously gives you the people you need to know, situations you need to experience and lessons you need to learn in that moment so you can do what’s next. call it God or the Universe or karma or whatever makes sense to you, but i definitely believe it’s out there.

what are you superstitious about?

The Daily Tay Blogtober14

Blogtober14: letter to my younger self


hey, girl.

comin’ at ya from the future this time. it is weird out here — we do everything on our phones and Duran Duran aren’t even a thing anymore. i know. but you’re gonna love it. promise. i’m writing from a bar in Atlanta because i worked from home today, but had to get out of the house this afternoon because it’s a nanny afternoon, and being at home while she’s there just completely goes against the whole point of the arrangement. i don’t want to ruin everything for you by telling you all the details about how we ended up in Atlanta with a 2-afternoon nanny. i know you thought it was going to be New York and children definitely weren’t involved. but i promise this is a good place — even though some of the getting here will seem really hard. sorry — you know i always tell it like it is.

so in no particular order, i guess i’ll use this time to give you a few pieces of advice . . . or maybe just things to think about. i know you know everything. at least just pretend you’re paying attention.

  1. stop being so dramatic and hard on your mom. you guys are gonna end up being really good friends and you’ll really miss her one day when you guys live in different cities and she’s not around every single day being a complete pain.
  2. one day you will get your dad and your stepmom. in fact, you’ll actually come to think they’re pretty cool. crazy, right? you’ll get much closer with them, too, and will actually learn a lot.
  3. you are beautiful. stop worrying about how fat you are. please. i promise, in 20 years, you will kill to weigh 125. i look at pictures of you and wonder how you could possibly be worried at all.
  4. that said, get your ass to the gym. it would have made it way easier on me if you’d made exercise a regular habit long before you did. skinny bitch.
  5. please take life a little more seriously. i know. it’s hard to buckle down when simply floating from experience to experience is so damn much fun, things just kind of fall into your lap and then you always land on your feet, somehow. i know.  but man. imagine where we could be now if we’d just taken school or our career choices a little more seriously . . .
  6. you get the guy in the end. i’m not gonna say which one. and i’m not gonna tell you what you have to go through to do it. you’ll figure all that out on your own. all i’m gonna say is get comfortable, cuz it’s a long ride, girl. but it’s completely, completely worth it in the end.
  7. stay independent. we got to where we are — and will get to wherever we’re going — by always being able to take care of ourselves. whether that means having enough money to take care of a problem or the know-how or connections to figure it out, that’s one of the things i’m proudest of us for.
  8. treasure your friends. you’ve got some great ones. you won’t always be friends with all the people you’re friends with now — but a lot of them, you will! and you’ll meet even more along the way. we have definitely been blessed with a lot of really good, good people.
  9. don’t do stupid shit. you’re way too trusting and it’s honestly a miracle we didn’t end up a victim of a serial killer (multiple) or drug overdose (Tracks, early 90s) or the fall guy for some offshore money laundering scheme (okay, that one never happened, but i mean, it so could have.) my point is, just please think about what you’re doing and with whom a little more.
  10. it’s gonna be awesome. everything works out in the end. i promise! like i said earlier, it’s not always easy. but so far, you’ve made me really proud about how you handle it all. well, i mean, except maybe the closet-slashing incident. but it’s given us comedic fodder for years.

anyway, keep being amazing and let’s try and do this in person sometime soon! i’ll use my SkyMiles to fly you down here (get that!) and i know a couple cool spots to hang out that i’m sure you’ll love. oh, and by the way, i know this Mark Twain quote is the same one i used for the letter to my older self. but it’s still so appropriate. number 11: the more things change, the more they stay the same!


The Daily Tay Blogtober14