Resolutions for a Brighter Future

WOW. Who else can't believe there are only about 2 weeks left in 2017?? As I'm still marking items off all my Christmas to-do lists, I'm also starting to think beyond surviving the final days of the holiday rush and toward my New Year's resolutions for 2018. Having just spent nearly $200 tonight on a... Continue Reading →


let freedom ring

it’s one thing to see her on TV or from Manhattan or the Staten Island Ferry  . . .  seeing Lady Liberty up close this weekend during our New York trip, even just from below, was nothing short of awe-inspiring and humbling. while we were there, 3 students from Mexico, of all places, asked if... Continue Reading →

5 on Friday

so this posting every day thing is hard, y'all! but i guess i knew that going in. it's been a while since i've challenged myself with daily posts, but that familiar feeling of torture mixed with accomplishment is still the same.  by my count, i'm down 5 posts, including one for today. so imma wrap... Continue Reading →


i came across this little girl's story on Twitter today and it broke my heart. she suffers from a disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa that makes her skin extremely fragile, causing it to blister and tear. it is hard for her to even move because her condition is so painful. and running and playing like other 10-year... Continue Reading →

into the woods!

  8 months ago at the school auction, we went in on a weekend at cabin in Ellijay, Georgia, with 2 other families. this weekend, we finally got to make the trip! our posse of 6 adults and 6 kids enjoyed 48 hours full of family, friends, food and fall fun with mostly good weather... Continue Reading →

when one door closes . . .

i've got a little personal project that i've been working for a while now. it's involved knocking on a lot of doors to get support, with a lot of dead ends and frustrations along the way. Monday, i realized i'd hit another dead end. i was discouraged. i was ready to give up. i decided... Continue Reading →

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