It’s been one week

Trust me, y’all. I cannot type those words without conjuring Barenaked Ladies. So be it. Now it’s your earworm, too. Sorry/you’re welcome.

My content planning brain thought that at this point, I was going to start posting numbers about how hard it is for creatives to get a job right now. You know, how many resumes I’ve sent out, how many rejections, how many ghosting recruiters…

Nope. I’m not ready for that yet.

But, speaking of numbers… As of this writing, the crazy little post I shared on LinkedIn one week ago about getting laid off and my process of getting through it has garnered 450+ likes, 60ish comments (many of which have resulted in conversations about gigs!), almost 40,000 impressions (OMGWUT 👀) and about a dozen reach outs by people I have known here in ATL for 15 years or more and have not been in touch with for a minute!

WOW. I am just blown away.

Friends (and friends of friends and even strangers!!) have reached out to say they appreciate my authenticity and vulnerability, that they identify with what I wrote. They’ve also reached out to say that post reminded them what a great writer I am (can I just like absolutely swoon for a min? 🥰).

I’ve had calls and lunches and cocktails with folks who want to help, partner, connect, console… I’ve met new people who don’t even know me and are sending me job links (!!).

For a no-bullshit GenXer who is (understandably) a bit jaded and whatevs, this makes my “never get excited or they will crush you” little heart want to absolutely burst.

In short, y’all, the past week has been amazing. Because the LinkdeIn community is SO amazing. I hope they keep doing what they do. For me, for others, for everyone. And I just hope I can help someone else in the way that I have been helped this week. 🙏🏻

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