5 things i will not be packing for school lunch


i have extremely little to offer for today’s NaBloPoMo prompt, “What is/was your favourite thing to pack for school lunch?”

as a child, i mostly ate school lunches. until i got to high school, when i mostly bought a Diet Coke, chewed some gum and saved my lunch money for cigarettes and Chanel lipsticks. it was the 80s when you could still buy a Diet Coke in a school vending machine, y’all.

as a mom, i see a homemade lunch as a treat. once or twice a week, Miss Girl gets a completely unfancy ham and swiss sandwich on a multi-grain Sandwich Thin and some combination of yogurt, grapes, strawberries, applesauce, fruit snacks, ice water in her Minions thermos (partly because she should drink more water and partly because i don’t trust the ice packs to keep everything cold) and maybe a cookie. it is not cute, y’all. it is all in Ziplocks and random Tupperware. the best thing i do for my daughter’s lunch is draw on her napkin. today, just  for the snack she carries, i drew Beethoven in Sharpie and i’m totally pissed i didn’t think to take a picture because it actually kind of rocked!

anyway, all that said, there was a brief moment in time when i had a fantasy that i could be that mom who made precious bento boxes for school lunches. i would have multiple sets of nesting, divided BPA-free containers. i would have themes and characters. i would Instagram every adorable creation. and then i remembered who i am: the mom that can barely get up and get her out the door in the morning with a non-gourmet, non-grass-fed ham (do they even grass feed pigs? that’s how much i don’t even know!) sandwich in a Ziplock bag. i’ve read several articles about the pressure to perform in this area over the past couple years. and while i’m glad i’m not alone, i’m also so over caring. and guess what. Miss Girl certainly doesn’t.

so instead of my favorite, boring thing to pack for lunch, may i present a selection of ridiculous items i will never be packing for lunch. (and obvs, “ridiculous” is code for “omg, i am so totally jealous and have the utmost respect for anybody who actually makes these things!”) see the full collection here and even more here. what is your favorite school lunch?

1. Winnie the Pooh Bento
see image above. really? if you link through to the Mothering Corner post, you’ll see words like “Kuromi” and “15 minutes preparation time”. it’s all Japanese to me . . .

2. Little Olympians Bento
i mean. 10 for effort and 10 for execution! also probably like 10 hours of my life i would never get back if i even attempted something this elaborate. sigh.

3. Hello Kitty Bento
oh, it’s only a pizzawich disguised as a perfect Hello Kitty. with flowers and fruit atop broccolini bushes. pure evil. clearly.

4. Circus Animal Bento
aka “6 elephants in my box” or, um . . . anyway, this one actually includes pre-bought elephant toothpicks. i totally always have those on hand. not.

5. Old McDonald Bento
sheep and chickens and pigs, oh my! so many accoutrements here, y’all. maaaaaayyybe if i had stuff left over from a party, but come on.


NaBloPoMo September 2015

good start: 6 tips for making your day great

yawning cat(photo: zastaviky.com)

okay. so i have been slacking over here. a lot. i know it. it’s been a weird summer. but it’s now a new month and i’m determined to get my mess back in gear. to that end, i’m making every effort to post (nearly?) every day. and you’ll probably see a lot of responses to a lot of random prompts that i know are good for me, but that i kind of hate writing. sigh. so without further ado, here are my NaBloPoMo best tips for getting my day off to a good start.

1. wake the F up!
it’s hard. i know. if you have been following along here, you know the struggle is real with our ridiculously early school-week schedules and our non-conforming body clocks. but somehow, some way, we are managing to get everyone up by about 6:30. for me, it takes a 6:15 alarm and the fear of total impending disaster if we don’t stick to the schedule. for Miss Girl, it takes a lot of cuddles and a carry downstairs to her breakfast seat. it sucks, but so be it. things do get better from here.

2. caffeinate!
i honestly don’t know what i’d do without our timer coffee pot. i have learned that mornings are much better when i come downstairs (now) in the dark and that caffeinated cuppa is already waiting for me. i get a few minutes to enjoy my first one while letting out the dogs and guessing what Miss Girl might want for breakfast. okay fine. i usually just pour her milk and wait for instructions. though i am completely not a planner, this small little act of getting things ready the night before makes everything so much better the next day.

now here’s where things get a little theoretical in the sense that sometimes they happen around here . . .

3. work it out.
i always, always feel 1,000% better if i work out in the morning it is done for the day and is one less thing to worry about having to fit in. the weather here in Atlanta is just about ready to cooperate with my fantasies of a morning run in non 1,000% humidity right after the bus sweeps Miss Girl off to school at 7:15. it’s been since June. it’s time, y’all.

4. write it up.
a close second in morning satisfaction is to be able to spend some time writing a blog post, getting an early start on some work or catching up on some emails . . . or even just make a list or pay some bills. the key here is productivity. i need to feel like i’ve gotten a at least a couple personal accomplishments under my belt before i go to work and all hell breaks loos (usually).

5. wear what works.
this one definitely takes pre-planning and i am so not there yet. and i don’t mean the kind of pre-planning that involves laying out outfits for the week. i used to do that in my 20s. in my 20s (and 30s), i also had jobs that required me to look a part: hello, young, female advertising lobbyist among old white men on The Hilll; hello cool, budding agency copywriter; oh hai, entrepreneur straddling morning networking, evening board meetings and actually getting shit done . . . it was exhausting. now that i’m a salty old creative director in a much smaller agency than what i’m used to, the dress code is far less stringent, but it doesn’t mean i don’t want to look good. i’m not a uniform girl for sure (wish i was!!), but struggle most every day with the tension between pulling out one of the 60 pairs of jeans in my closet and a t-shirt or shaving my legs and putting on an actual outfit. no matter how many style blogs i follow, this one is still hard for me, y’all! but i am working on developing a set of go-to looks.

6. never miss the smoothie!
so let’s do the math. i get up at 6:15 and lately leave the house at 8:45ish. i actually could not give a rat’s ass about eating between those times. eating for me is like a 10:00 thing. but they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. i have also read that you should eat something like 20 or 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up. wuuuuut?? so i do my best to balance. and i find that making a smoothie before i run out the door actually helps me feel really good. i can drink it before i get to my parking garage and a really balanced meal is in my system before 9:30 on most days. boom. here’s what i do — guaranteed, it is probably disgusting to smoothie aficianados:

1 banana ( i prefer them really ripe)
1 scoop Publix vanilla protein powder
1 cup spinach
¼ cup almond milk
¼ cup egg whites
1 cup ice
(and, if i’m feeling fancy: 1 Tbsp peanut or almond butter — it’s like a peanut butter/banana sandwich, y’all!)


how do you start your morning to make it amazing?

NaBloPoMo September 2015

NaBloPoMo day 30: last hurrah & lessons


break out the Cristal, bitches. it’s a wrap!

i can’t believe i survived. why didn’t somebody stop me from rolling straight from Blogtober14 into NaBloPoMo? i mean, really. i said back at the beginning of the month that i must be crazy and now, i’m completely sure i am. good. now i can officially use that as an excuse for other totally bizarre and stupid shit i do.

so seeing as how i’m still alive and able to type and all, i figure i should use this last post to reflect on the experience. so deep of me, right? so here goes. here’s what i learned blogging every single day for nearly 2 months.

  1. it was unbelievably fun. seriously. such an awesome creative challenge.
  2. i met some amazing people who apparently are just as crazy as i am. y’all know who you are.
  3. i can do this. with the exception of a couple days that i made up, i got a post up every day. i never thought i would have so much to write about!
  4. prompts are life savers. there were definitely a few days when i wasn’t feelin’ it and prompts helped get me through. though i gotta say, i much more enjoyed the Blogger14 prompts from The Daily Tay and Helene in Between over the NaBloPoMo prompts on BlogHer. they were generally a bit lighter and it was easy to so something quick and easy or dig a little more if i had the time or inspiration.
  5. projects are lifesavers. let’s be honest. i’m not all that crafty or foody on a regular basis. but for some reason, October seemed to be full of making and baking, which was good for a few posts that i really liked. must. make. more. stuff.
  6. i never could have done NaNoWriMo. such a good call to bail on that in favor of this. if it was this hard to do a daily blog post, which technically could have just been a photo (oh, Wordless Wednesday, you sorry/brilliant excuse for a post), there is zero way in hell i would have hit a 50,000 word goal. period. this was a good way to find out.
  7. trying to compensate with a weekly short story was stupid. that only happened like twice. i was too busy writing blog posts every day to sit down and write a story, so it ended up being a last-minute, half-assed attempt the day it was “due,” which didn’t feel good.
  8. planning is key. for some reason, i was better about planning and even writing posts ahead of time in October. in November with Spy home and more going on, i kind of winged it a lot more. while the Sagittarian in me prefers flying by the seat of her pants, the Virgo in me feels much more at home with a game plan. honestly, i think a mix of planned and more spontaneous posts keep things interesting without making me crazy either way.
  9. i don’t understand BlogHer at all. i linked most (okay, some) of my posts and cross-posted a few, but what an unbelievable pain in the ass, y’all. why on Earth would you do that all the time with every single post? i mean, i get it for promoting, but it is just incredibly time consuming and the interface is painful. it kind of makes me shocked that it’s such a thing. i must be missing something.
  10. i would totally do it all over again.

so at this point, y’all might not see me around here for a couple days. i think a little break to hit some of #8 is a really good idea. but who knows . . . i might just wake up in the morning with something i have to share. thanks to everyone who went on this crazy ride with me and have a great Monday!

NaBloPoMo day 29: Small Business Saturday haul


while i hate every single thing about yesterday’s shopping shenannigans with the white-hot intensity of 1,000 suns, my feelings about today’s shopping cause is equally as strong in the opposite direction. running a small business — especially retail — is hard. and i love to do anything i can to support those businesses owners whenever i can. getting family and friends unique gifts that can only be found in Atlanta is a total bonus, if you ask me. also, American Express offers $10 off $10+ up to $30 for purchases made at small businesses today, which also doesn’t hurt.

today, i visited 3 of my favorite shops and felt awesome about being able to support them — like the serious dumb ear-to-ear grin as i practically skipped down the sidewalk with my shopping bags in hand, humming Pharrell kind of awesome.

Mint Salon
truth be told, it was just time for color and cut and i had scheduled this one 5 weeks ago like i always do. i’ve been going to this Midtown salon on Piedmont Park for years and my stylist, Emily, completely rocks. she is super-talented and the atmosphere is completely laid back and fun. it’s like a mini-vacation when i get to go for a couple  hours and just chill sans husband and girl. today, i also picked up a bottle of Unite “Boing” Curling Cream, which is supposed to help my hair hold its curl. so far, it seems to be working like a charm.

Preserving Place
this Westside Provisions District boutique is a “unique ‘farm to store’ retail concept focusing on food preservation and preserving our Southern sense of place.” as you might imagine, the shelves are lined with delicious jams and preserves in flavors like Hot Peach & Ginger and Adult Pear (Grand Marnier makes it adult) that as yummy in recipes and on cheese plates as they are on plain toast. but they also carry a host of pickled things (like watermelon rinds), sauces and spreads. the staff couldn’t be any more lovely, the space is gorgeous and the products make fantastic small gifts or can be added to a gift basket with books and accessories they also sell. my purchases were all Christmas gifts, so i’m not saying what i bought!

Atlanta Olive Oil Company
i did a post on this Westside find a few weeks ago when i discovered it. check out that post for a longer description of this new shop offering something like 60 amazing flavors of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. when i went back today, they were out of 2 of the things i wanted, but the owner promised to call me when more came in. i hadn’t even gotten home when i received a text from her letting me know she’d found one last hidden bottle. you would so never get service like that from a big chain retailer. love these ladies and hoping everyone getting a gift from there loves it as much as i do!

did you participate in Small Business Saturday? what are some of your favorite local shops?

NaBloPoMo day 28: black Friday (a no-retail zone)

omg. literally. i can’t think of anything i’d less like to do than stand in line for 16 hours in the freezing cold in the middle of the night probably surrounded by super-annoying people, face a stampede of said annoying people, risk getting crushed against the automatic doors of some big box retailer, then run for my life to be the fastest and fill my cart with the last one of something nobody really needs. all just to save like $100. i mean. to Seinfeld this, what is the deal with Black Friday? just gross.

so, in protest, i present you with a bunch of other black things that are awesome. and have nothing to do with Black Friday. have a fabulous weekend, y’all!

The Black Crowes

black cats
(photo: Black Cats Rule)

Jack Black
(photo: pixgood.com)

black beans
(photo: Simply Recipes)

The Black Keys

black sand beaches
(photo: Uncommon Caribbean)

Black Forest ham
(photo: Schaller & Weber)

Black Velvets
(photo: Celebrity Chef)

outer space
(photo: Wikipedia)

this dress i keep trying not to buy and especially won’t today. on principle.
(photo: Anthropologie)

NaBloPoMo day 26: the truth about Thanksgiving Eve


yeah, that’s right. pizza. frozen pizza. it’s what’s for dinner. and i know i’m not alone. because tonight’s dinner is like 675 million times less important than tomorrow’s. i had to stay focused.

you see, 5 hours ago, i embarked on preparations for the Holy Grail of American holiday meals. it was messy. and exhausting. there were missteps and near misses. and every year, it’s one of my absolute, over-the-top favorite nights of the entire effing year. the truth is i might actually like Thanksgiving Eve more than Thanksgiving.

for as long as i can remember, the Wednesday before the turkey has been filled with love and fun and also, often, a lot of cocktails. long ago in Richmond, this night was what i liked to call the kick-off to the holiday social season, a 6 week stretch where there was some kind of party or event or barstool gossip session about the last party or event. every. single. night. if you’re up for it, that is. and i usually was. as a Sagittarian, it’s the time of year when i feel most in my element, most excited to host and be hosted (and toastedbirthdays are the best, y’all!), and to dress up and catch up with friends and family i don’t get to see often enough.

back in those long ago days, lots of ridiculous stuff happened. in particular, i remember my first time brining a turkey. i never considered that i needed enough fridge space for a 14 pound bird + the 20 gallons of liquid it needed to soak in overnight for 1,000 hours. and i had places to be, y’all (holiday social season and all). it seemed cold enough outside, so the bird in a bag went outside on my fire escape before i headed to, oh, i’m gonna say Sidewalk, to meet the Game Girls. and there it stayed overnight. it is a total freakin’ miracle that it it didn’t get dragged away/eaten by a Fan cat or random raccoon or opossum (because yeah, we had those in the middle of the city for some reason. what’s up, Nature?) or homeless dude (though, i guess what’s a homeless dude gonna do with a raw turkey?) and nobody got food poisoning!

tonight’s scenario was far less risky. i mean, in general, now just reading back over that last paragraph. sheesh. it was spent firmly indoors without threat of urban wildlife or wildfolk, and a positively Victorian 10:00 curfew (issued by my own suddenly-responsible self). Spy, Miss Girl and my mom snuggled down in front of Frozen for most of my prep session, which left the kitchen blissfully unfettered for my cheffing needs. yet, every once in a while, i got the odd request or hug. very sweet. i totally got in my zone chopping, mixing and sautéeing, then tossing, washing and otherwise cleaning up the mess.

my mom doesn’t understand. “you do too much. we should go out next year.” she said. she doesn’t understand that this is the good part. i do a meal like this once a year and i thoroughly enjoy the entire process from planning to shopping to prepping and plating. in fact, by the time we get to the table around 2:00 tomorrow, i probably won’t even really care about actually eating the stuff. the fact that i can make this meal for the people i love is what gets me excited and makes me feel happy.

so here i sit, just minutes before that curfew. enjoying a glass of wine, which i seriously earned, decompressing, reflecting and writing this. and i am so absolutely, perfectly content. and so, so thankful that i got to spend this evening the way i did (and that everyone loved the frozen pizza).

happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating tomorrow!

NaBloPoMo day 25: my Thanksgiving recipes

mmm-kay. so ‘member last night when i said i’d try and post my recipes? (yeah, you do.) well this had the potential to get totally ghetto. y’all almost got iPhone pictures of the ass-old-stained-scribbled-on-now-moldy-because-i-have-no-idea-why pages in my recipe binder. but i decided i was better than that. and these recipes deserve better than that. they are some of my favorites, many of which i’ve been making for 15+ years. so i came downstairs early (i was up worrying about this anyway), brewed some coffee and turned on the Google machine to see what i could find. as best i could pull it together, here’s what will be on my table on Thursday. definitely check out these recipes if you’re looking for some last minute ideas. what are you making for Thanksgiving?

zucchinisoupHerbed Squash Soup
the closest recipe i could find was on atkins.com. mine also calls for 1/2 teaspoon of oregano and a cup of sour cream instead of the heavy cream. (photo: simplespoon.com)


Brined Herb-Crusted Turkey with Apple Cider Gravy; Anne Burrell

Emeril’s Brined Turkey
recreated at TheTribuneNews.com. this one is different from another Emeril recipe because it includes things like oranges, cinnamon sticks, cloves and brandy, which give it a sweet/savory kind of taste. (photo: foodnetwork.com)



Mashed Sweet Potatoes — i usually make a butternut squash dish, but Miss Girl has decided she likes sweet potatoes, so i’m giving in. and i’m totally wingin’ it. seems to me some butter, brown sugar and cinnamon should do the trick. i’ll let y’all know how it goes.

sourdoughdressingSourdough, Pear & Sausage Dressing
yes! the original recipe (and photo) from Cooking Light/myrecipes.com. i could eat the entire pan of this stuff. nomnomnom. and here’s a fun little tidbit on the dressing vs. stuffing debate. what do you call it?





Garlic Mashed Potatoes — sorry, but if you need a recipe for mashed potatoes, you’re a moron. i add some garlic sautéed in butter to mine.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts
this recipe from OnceUponAChef.com is super close, though i just wing the measurements (shock). i’ll also sometimes add bacon. because, um, bacon. (photo: nomnompaleo.com)



cranberrysauceCranberry Sauce with Crystallized Ginger
woo-hoo! another original from Bon Appétit/epicurious.com. i also add a can of Mandarin oranges because over the years, i kind of mishmashed a couple recipes and that just stuck. (photo: damndelicious.net)



Pumpkin Spice Layer Cakepumpkinspicelayercake
that’s right, y’all. i ordered a cake and i ain’t ashamed to admit it. one less thing to worry about and i just know this’ll be good — Piece of Cake always is.

NaBloPoMo day 24: eat. drink. give thanks.

omg. i so did not intend to be that girl. but hell. i came home last night to an utter disaster of a house after being gone for a mere 36 hours. “working at home” for part of today actually ended up in more real working than intended. and well, damn. i’ll just admit it: i am now in full-on holiday mode. there is so much to do, y’all.

so bear with me, while i use these next few posts to share some in-progress and maybe-once-in-a-while finished holiday thoughts and projects that i’m just doing anyway.

today, after having gotten most of my home back to bearable (3 loads of dishes, 3 loads of laundry and multiple rounds of picking up random shit off floors, counters, bannisters, tables . . . basically any surface . . . ugh). i also sent out the holiday party invites, which has been a majorly big deal to pull together (more on that later), made the Thanksgiving groceries list, cooked a real non-Thanksgiving dinner, paid bills, went for a run and worked for a few hours (all not in this particular order, obvs). then tonight, i tackled the next thing on my list: the Thanksgiving menu.


kind of dumb, but don’t judge. i always print and frame a menu of what we’re eating for Thanksgiving. even if it’s just me and Spy. it stays on the kitchen counter for the few days before and after, and just kind of makes it feel like a real thing to me. so since i’m so obsessed with chalkboards at this particular moment, i did it that way this time. still working on how to design these things and not really in love with the results, but this is where we are at 11:30 on a Monday. deal. i do love that it highlights the ingredients.

some of these dishes i’ve done forever. one is new this year and one — for the first time ever — is purchased. stay tuned and tomorrow, i’ll reveal which is which, and as many of the recipes as i can string together. i just realized in going through all my printouts and scrappy notes in my recipe notebook that <shockandawe>most of this stuff i’ve been cooking since before recipes were even available on the interwebs.</shockandawe>

which silly Thanksgiving traditions do you love?

NaBloPoMo day 23: thankful 13


oh hai. yeah, in case you haven’t looked at a calendar, Thanksgiving is mere days away. and if you have looked at the blogosphere like ever in November, you know this is the time when everyone around here makes a list of what they’re thankful for. it’s sweet. so sure, i’ll bite. it’s a great, easy excuse for a post and i was planning on doing mine Thursday. but you know what? Thursday, i’m gonna be elbow-deep in a turkey, fixin’ fixins, tossin’ back some Kendall Jackson with Mom, watching football and finally witnessing the Macy’s Great Tree Lighting in person. ain’t nobody got time for blog posts on Thursday, y’all.

so since i’m sitting at an airport waiting on a delayed flight back to Atlanta and need to write a post for today anyway (since i skipped yesterday due to Game Girl wedding activities — some totally sacred shit) i decided to go for it today. these are kind of random, certainly incomplete and in no particular order, with some being very of this moment and some more general. so don’t judge. also, i firmly subscribe to the above. there’s always, always, something to be thankful for. not just on some random Thursday in November. we all should remember that every single day. what are you thankful for?

  1.  amazing friendships. the kind that stand the test of time and distance and feel just as comfortable when you meet once a year as they did when you saw each other every day.
  2. laughter. i laughed so hard this weekend, so many times. and, while this weekend i laughed at different things with different people, i feel blessed that laughter is actually a pretty frequent occurrence in my life.
  3. SkyMiles. i don’t have as many as a certain globetrotting husband, but when i can use ’em to score a $50 flight, they’re worth the world.
  4. family. if you haven’t guessed from poking around here, i absolutely love mine. they make me laugh, keep me sane and make my heart feel so full it might burst on most days.
  5. just. not. caring. in my old age, i’ve stopped caring so much what other people think about what i do and it feels amazingly liberating. yeah, i’m currently the girl sitting alone in the airport bar gesturing wildly and muttering under my breath about the football game. hands in the air, just don’t care.
  6. hard times. let’s be clear. i’ve had a pretty freaking easy life. but just like everybody else, there have been times that suck. a boyfriend who wouldn’t commit. friends who hurt my feelings. jobs lost. harsh truths. unfair twists of fate. i’ve learned from every single one of them and become better and smarter for them.
  7. possibilities. life is positively full of them and you never know what tomorrow will bring. it keeps things interesting and ensures we always have something to work toward. the trick is never forgetting they’re out there.
  8. dogs & cats. hardly anything brings joy like snuggling with our furry friends and laughing at the crazy things they do.
  9. yoga pants. no need to say more.
  10. a job that doesn’t suck. i could have ended up doing a million things with my life other than advertising. while not as glamorous as it’s cracked up to be, i gotta say, given the choices, it ain’t too shabby. i get to be (at least sort of) creative and pay the bills. and at the end of the day, liking what you do for 40+ hours a week counts for a lot.
  11. Amazon Prime. again, this one speaks for itself.
  12. technology. i’m constantly amazed at how easy it is to stay connected to the world and to loved ones, because of the devices we all carry with us and the brilliant things people much smarter than me have thought up to do with them.
  13. decent human beings. throughout my life, i’ve been lucky enough to cross paths with truly good people — strangers who have done something kind in a particular moment and loved one who i know i can always count on for support however big or small. it has shaped my view that most people are basically good and i believe i’m a more decent human being because of that.

NaBloPoMo day 20: sparkling or still?

yeesh. last night was late. after my work party, there was a lengthy gabfest with Spy, who’d just gotten back from a quick trip. and there was a lot of wine. and well, it all was completely fantastic until today when morning arrived way too early. so i headed over to The Daily Post  in hopes that somebody, anybody could tell me what the heck to write about today, since the old brain wasn’t quite firing on all cylinders. another winner!

What’s your idea of a perfect day off: one during which you can quietly relax, doing nothing, or one with one fun activity lined up after the other? Tell us how you’d spend your time.


so first, i have to ask: this “day” off is like way longer than just 24 hours, right? i mean, because i want it both ways: sparkling and still. and, given my experience with days off, i’m wise enough to know that there is never time for getting in enough of both. huh? oh. right. yeah. this is my fantasy, day off so it can be however long i want it to be. sweet.

now that that’s settled, i’d definitely start things off with sleeping in and family snuggles. waking up knowing i don’t have a single true obligation is the most delicious feeling ever. after that, in no particular order, i’d like to fit in

  1. all my chores. when that growing to-do list that lives in my head has too many items on it, i just feel out of control. a good day of errand running and getting organized really goes a long way toward keeping me sane.  right now, a lot of that revolves around getting ready for the holdiays — ordering cards, finalizing our party invitations list and getting those out, figuring out what the heck i’m doing about Thanksgiving dinner and nailing down gifts for everyone — and also just the normal stuff like getting the car cleaned, de-cluttering at least one closet and dropping some stuff off at Salvation Army . . . whew.
  2. working out. i have definitely fallen off the wagon lately with winter temperatures and fleeting daylight hours. the idea of a long run or a visit to the gym where i’m not just trying to race in and out as quickly as possible sounds amazing.
  3. basic maintenance. honestly, y’all. i know i make it look effortless, but keeping up *all this* is nearly a full time job. okay maybe not full time, but not looking like a hot mess all the time can keep a girl busy. there’d definitely be a mani/pedi, massage, root touch-up and some waxing.
  4. shopping. meandering through a few shops at my own pace without a 4 year old demanding my attention would be heaven.
  5. lunch or drinks with girlfriends. catch-up time is crucial to my mental well-being.
  6. napping. duh.
  7. seeing a movie. another rare luxury. of course there’d be popcorn.
  8. reading a book. one of my very favorite things is lying on the sofa in our sunroom and reading something i love all afternoon. it’s been ages.
  9. a date with Spy. those are fun anytime!
  10. blogging about it all. because the awesome would obviously need to be documented.

omg i am so boring, y’all! haha. would your perfect day off be Sparkling or Still?