hey, y’all. i’m Kristin. i live in Atlanta, where i have a full-time job in advertising and a part-time obsession with figuring out what i really want to do when i grow up. i’m always adding to my extensive collection of unfinished writings, to-do lists and crossword puzzles. i’m a book club failure and can’t follow a recipe to save my life. i hate running, but i try to do it anyway. because, well, fat. if there were more hours in the day, i would sleep more, write more, explore more . . . and probably run more. my life usually feels epically chaotic, but i’d honestly be bored to death if it wasn’t. (and there’s always that box of wine in the fridge if things get to be just too much!) when i can find the time, i write about it all.

i leak like a White House staffer

well, at least that’s what Spy said on Facebook last night after i posted a cryptic tease about him already planning a special trip for our 10th (!!) anniversary, which doesn’t come along until May. obviously, i’m over the moon that he apparently has been cooking this up for a while now and wanted to […]