how long does it take you to write a post?

just curious! i have been working on something about the Melania Speechgate for what seems like all day, but truthfully has been just a couple hours now (post Miss Girl bedtime) of actually writing and researching links and such to back up what i’m writing. was hoping to post tonight, but at 1:00, it is hours past bedtime! look for it tomorrow . . .

in the meantime, one of the reasons i’ve been gone so long is that i’ve wanted to up my writing game a bit, which means a change in the mostly off-the-cuff, put-it-together-in-an-hour type of writing/image creation i typically do here and actually work on some more thoughtful/longer pieces. just not accustomed to how long retraining my creative muscles that way actually seems to take. but it’s all good.

so . . . there will still be some of both kinds of posts moving forward! that’s the plan, at least, but interested in hearing from anyone who’s still around about their typical process/time to write a post.

love to hear from you!! happy Hump Day tomorrow! (today?) ugh . . . goodnight!


  1. lafriday

    Kristin, as someone whose posts are generally longer, if I am really on a roll, it can take four or five hours, including editing. That said, I prefer to let things “rest” for a day or two, because I am a better editor of my own work when I have some distance. There are also some posts that I start, get distracted for whatever reason (usually work), and then come back to much later. All of that said, I don’t have other human “distractions” in my daily round anymore, so you have some challenges that I don’t have. Hope this helps. Look forward to reading the next iteration!


  2. Kristin

    that does help, Linda! makes me feel a bit more sane. i just spent about an hour and a half on a post that should have taken 30 minutes, due to those human “distractions!” i am in a (bad?) habit of just cranking things out and not really spending that time for writing, editing and reflection . . . and editing that longer pieces really need. but i find that stuff way more fulfilling! i’ll get there . . .


  3. irtfyblog

    It depends. If I want to write something that is longer and has information that needs to be referenced, the post could take me a few days or weeks. However, if there’s a quick something that I have on my mind and want to share it…like saaayy…a story from my past that I find humorous…I could jot something down in about an hour. And that’s with editing.

    So, yeah, it just depends on what I want to say and how much effort I want to put into it.

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