Happy hump day, y’all!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist 😁

Yep, that’s me up there just a couple days ago. I’ve stepped away from real life for a bit to criss-cross 3 time zones from Spain to Morocco and back and…

Ride camels;
Cross deserts;
Climb mountains;
Chase waterfalls…
Explore the Medina’s back alleys;
Watch snakes dance in the square;
Listen as the faithful were called to prayer…
Speak a different language or two;
Meet locals and fellow travelers from around the globe…
And discover (once again) that this amazing world is so much smaller than we realize.

As I mark the halfway point of this adventure, I’m reminded that travel is as nourishing to the soul as all the msemen, harira and tagine have been to my body these past several days. Getting out of my comfort zone to a place where there’s less screen-gazing and more star-gazing, and where my daily routine is never routine, is exactly what I needed after this crazy past couple weeks. To center myself. To broaden my perspective on what might be next for me professionally. To breathe.

They say travel changes you. I say vive le changement!

Highly Recommend

Hope the rest of your journey this week is full of adventure, soul-nourishing experiences and room to breathe!

#travel #changeofscenery #opentowork #opentoadventure #humpdaymotivation 🐪🌴✈️

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