Resolutions for a Brighter Future

WOW. Who else can't believe there are only about 2 weeks left in 2017?? As I'm still marking items off all my Christmas to-do lists, I'm also starting to think beyond surviving the final days of the holiday rush and toward my New Year's resolutions for 2018. Having just spent nearly $200 tonight on a... Continue Reading →


back to school: lessons for creativity

originally written for my company's blog, i couldn't resist sharing (okay, fine. teasing.) a few of my favorite ways to reset and revive your creativity here, as well! Growing up in Virginia, back-to-school time signaled the transition of summer to fall. The start of a new season. A clean slate that rivaled even New Year’s... Continue Reading →

fresh look, new things afoot!

it's a hot mess up in here, y'all. if you're visiting for the first time in a while, you probably (long ago) noticed nobody's been home much for months. y'all know i'm not one to make too many apologies or excuses about that. you also probably noticed things around here got re-decorated a little. it's... Continue Reading →

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