navigating digital dependence: lost without my GPS


[tap, tap, tap] huh. what the . . . ?  [shake, shake] what’s wrong with this thing? hmpf. is it broken?  [holds map to ear, then looks at it again in disbelief.] i don’t get it. why isn’t the lady telling me where to turn?

it’s been a long short week, y’all. that’s all i got.

Writing 101: Day 4 — use one of 4 images provided as a creative spark for today’s post.


    1. Kristin

      i know. my husband reads a map like a champ. i used to be able to, but just can’t anymore . . . and end up being the one tangled up in it in the passenger seat, just trying to get the darn thing folded down to the panel i need to see! lol.

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