Writing 101

counting on sweater weather! (a Writing 101 mashup)

(image: ZC Textiles) it won’t truly be sweater weather here in Atlanta for another month, at least. but a girl can dream over a pumpkin spice latté (or not — because you would never ever catch me drinking that shit). thank goodness, Jolineys over at Keeping Track included me in her so-very-fall-ish Sweater Weather Tag so […]


Writing 101: a map and a stat

aww hell, y’all. i just realized Blogtober starts tomorrow. looks like Helene and Tay are maybe not playing this year, so not sure which group i will link up with. (alternates, anyone?) with a backlog of Writing 101 posts, plus an urge to get back to some of my normal posts, maybe not finding a […]


stealing from myself: a poetweetagram

Wuss zone by Kristin Is about to be 1 badass scramble. And realize the sunroof is open. That this should be on my table Epically bad is about to happen In treasonous twitter rant I should probably pray more often. Jeans I just bought suddenly giant! Insane people who don’t listen. More fun Friday nights […]