Writing 101: rules, schmules.

Rules Quote

i’m late. i’m incomplete. i’m out of order. i didn’t follow directions. but i’m here.

i haven’t done my assignment since last Friday. there were nosebleed seats to be sat in at a Falcons game (rise up!). there were reflections to capture for a blogiversary (happy, happy!). and there was some general re-arranging of life that necessitated re-arranging of posts. for example, Monday’s assignment was supposed to be about the space where you write. i’m holding that one until everything is in place and i can do my new office reveal (soon!).

so, though today is technically Day 8 of Writing 101, this is a post for the Day 7 assignment. it says

Today, use a quote or passage from something you’ve read to introduce your post.

it also says to lead with a block quote. personally, i think block quotes are visually bo-ring as post intros. so i worked it in down here, instead.

now that i think about it, i pretty much haven’t followed any of the rules. and guess what? it’s all okay. i’ve still been posting most every day and getting out of this what i wanted, which was to get re-focused on writing regularly. twisting prompts to fit my style is a good exercise in creativity. and what the heck, y’all. keeping myself on my toes by not having everything (what will i write? when will i write? where will i write?) always planned out — by a curriculum or by me — also fuels the flexibility and creativity that makes all of this enjoyable in the first place. and i’m more than glad i haven’t missed out on any of the fun!

how often do you play by the rules?


  1. lafriday

    Kristin, I too have had a serious lapse in posts, and have twisted them to fit my perspective and needs. Life gets in the way sometimes, but still, I’m writing more than I ever have and have discovered wonderful and funny voices like yours. And you can’t do better than follow the advice of the fabulous Kate.

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