weekend scenes

Chick-fil-A Parties Are the Best!

woo-hoo! we survived, y’all. this was the single busiest weekend we’ve endured enjoyed since i don’t know when! i’m currently relishing a Sunday night moment of calm before it all starts again. before we finally leave for France on Friday night, Spy and i will see our beloved Hartsfield-Jackson just about more than we will see each other. he’s off to Chicago tomorrow for a couple days, then i head to Houston for the day on Thursday. we certainly are jet-set if nothing else. (ha!) besides, how boring it would be to hang out in Atlanta, have a normal week and do trip planning, packing and everything else for a 10-day Europe trip with no distractions? gaaahhhh … hope y’all had a great weekend, too, and happy Monday and a (much more) sane week for everyone!

1. soccer
2. Chik-fil-A birthday party
3. Atlanta Science Festival
4. Consular Ball
5. James & the Giant Peach/High Museum
6. Neighborhood Easter egg hunt


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