fall vibes: apple cake

over the past few years, this apple cake has been my traditional contribution to Spy’s office Thanksgiving potluck. tomorrow’s the big day, so i’ll be whipping this up at halftime this afternoon. it’s such a great recipe, i wanted to share it again. enjoy!

Peaches & Poppycock


we woke to a gorgeous, crisp autumn day today that seemed perfect for baking one of my favorite fall treats — also one of the recipes i’ve really been wanting to make with the apples we still have from our apple picking trip a few weekends ago.

my grandmother’s apple cake is one of the things i really look forward to making every single year. it’s seriously like crack for me. something about the combination of apples, fall spices and butter in a gooey, sweet, melty mix makes me crave this thing with my breakfast coffee and become perfectly capable of devouring half a cake in one shockingly short sitting — and then grabbing the other half for a snack later. i am positively terrified about the fact that Spy leaves tomorrow afternoon for a 10-day Europe trip and i will be left in the house alone with this evil…

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