who’s in charge here?

Donny, obvs. yep. he’s our Elf on the Shelf. first year we’ve ever done this. i can’t report perfect behavior, but it sure the heck is nice to have someone else to reference for discipline. for a month. #goodparenting i’ve also had a ton of fun with him. here are a few of his adventures. check out the rest on my Instagram. 7 more sleeps . . . do any of y’all engage in this complete nonsense?



    1. Kristin

      i know! he is kinda creepy, you guys! but the kidlet thinks he’s awesome. so i’m rollin’ with it — until he up and murders the whole family one night. now there’s a horror movie script someone should weite!

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      1. Karen Rees

        lol lol – a Christmas horror too – you don’t see much of those around. Then again maybe not, I’m sure their sales figures would drop drastically!!!! haha Go for it, if the kiddies are having a blast thats the main thing… love your creativity with the pictures Kristin 🙂 X

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  1. disappearingwoman

    My adult daughter has a friend whose mom photographs outrageously inappropriate scenes with the elf each year and posts them on Facebook. ( The elf snorting powdered sugar like it’s cocaine, or looking impishly at a positive pregnancy test) They’re hilarious! We have a set of Babushka doll Santa’s that we create crazy scenes with each day. I should probably take pictures. The Santa’s aren’t watching for good behavior, as our only bad behavior, in our all adult household, is with them!

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