Friday favorites

just a few funsies this week. looking forward to beautiful fall weather and a productive weekend with the whole family at home before Spy runs off to Europe for a bit. TGIF!


perfect passtimeboots

over the past couple weeks, i at least started the process of cleaning out and organizing my closet for fall. not fun. unfortunately/fortunately, i remembered/discovered i am absolutely without any dressy boots after tossing both my brown and black pairs at some point last year because they looked like i’d pulled them out of a dumpster. i tend to hold onto things way too long. a search for perfect replacements led me to these beautiful Nine West Passtime Riding Boots (after a misstep with a pair of gorgeous, but inconveniently tall Victoria’s Secret ones). they come in 5 colors/materials. i went with the black and brown suede ones and will probably go back for red. hope the mercury drops below 75° next week so i don’t feel silly wearing them!


soft, shiny hairshampoo

along with the new haircut a couple weeks ago, i went ahead and sprung for some salon products. i rarely do it, but am always glad i did, then immediately feel guilty for spending the money. honestly don’t even know how much i paid for  the Moroccan Oil Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner. and right now, i don’t care. i can’t confirm it’s the product and not the elimination of 5 inches of dried out strands, but i’m loving how great my hair feels, looks and smells.


cocktails on the patio
FullSizeRenderso glad i got a chance to catch up with a couple of my favorite Atlanta ladies last night at one of my favorite Atlanta watering holes. Westside’s JCT Kitchen & Bar is always a great spot for some al fresco cocktails, live music and Truffle Parmesan Fries (not pictured because they were devoured too quickly!). with cocktail specials and a yummy menu of small plates, it’s easy to camp out for happy hour and beyond. i’m just bummed i couldn’t stay for the beyond!

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