my first crush

oh, how did you guess this is one of The Daily Post’s prompts? the first real-person crush i remember must have been in maybe 5th grade? i remember hanging out with my friend Jodie a lot that summer, because she lived across the street from Ricky Whats-His-Name (5th grade was a long time ago, y’all). […]


Friday favorites: Labor Day edition

soooo looking forward to the long weekend! who’s with me?? the beginning of September always gets me energized to get things organized and (re)start some good new habits. to that end, i have a huge to-do list to tackle over the next 3 days, but instead of feeling overwhelmed i’m excited! here are a few […]


Sunday, lazy Sunday

you know what i usually never do on Sunday (or any other day for that matter)? nothing. Spy is kind of a master at it. and that’s not a dig. i’m actually a little jealous of his ability to just relax. me, i’m usually the one never sitting down always running around the house cleaning […]