Blogtober14: my favorite book

gorgeous photo: MercerMe gosh, i could never pick just one. hi, i’m an English major, writer and sporadically avid reader. check out my nightstand for a taste of what i read on the regular. promise it isn’t deep or super-literary or much of anything out of the ordinary! when i’m on my game, i go […]


Blogtober14: my pet peeves

phoning it in a bit tonight, y’all. i am exhausted and have just about hit my wall with these posts. serious, giant YAY!! to everyone who’s still hangin’ tough and knockin’ ’em out every damn day. 9 more to go, people! keep it up! and now, in no particular order, i present my completely-off-the-top-of-my-head laundry […]


Blogtober14: my biggest fear

okay, so aside from the recurring visions i’m having about somehow contracting Ebola while Spy is in Europe and then having to be separated from Miss Girl until he can get here and how totally. effing. traumatic. the whole thing would be, i’m not afraid of that much stuff. and just so you know, i’m […]