Sunday supper: the last Sunday

today is my very favorite day all year. well, right now, at least. it’s the shortest day of the year. and i am miserably tired of waking up in the dark, taking Miss Girl to school in practically the dark (it’s not light here until about 7:30) and getting home in the dark. as of […]


NaBloPoMo day 25: my Thanksgiving recipes

mmm-kay. so ‘member last night when i said i’d try and post my recipes? (yeah, you do.) well this had the potential to get totally ghetto. y’all almost got iPhone pictures of the ass-old-stained-scribbled-on-now-moldy-because-i-have-no-idea-why pages in my┬árecipe binder. but i decided i was better than that. and these recipes deserve better than that. they are […]