Paris: eat. sleep. explore. repeat.

well, after a totally insane Friday (i got everything done, y’all!) and 8 hours on a plane “sleeping” like a contortionist (though apparently was so out by the time i served breakfast, i totally missed the whole thing), we made it! all i can say is that the first leg of our 10 days in […]


Friday favorites: la France edition 2

(photo: happy Friday, y’all! i for one am so glad this week is almost over! we’ve got a kind of full weekend of soccer (!!) and school events happening, but as long as it doesn’t involve work or anyone getting on a plane, i’m certain i can handle whatever comes up. speaking of getting […]


France: le countdown 1

(photo: did i tell y’all that i have the best husband in the world? i may have mentioned a couple times in the past month (or at least once) that we are going to Paris. my wonderful birthday present a few weeks ago was that he officially booked the trip that we’ve been talking […]