what is your reach?

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it’s been a crazy couple weeks with work and i have pretty much let everything else go: no writing, no workouts, stress eating, a sink full of dishes and a personal to-do list a mile long. i’m so grossed out by my own self! so this morning, i vowed to get back on track. the very minimum i can do is write a response to The Daily Post, right? i usually hate their prompts and today is no exception, but after i got over hating for a minute, this one actually got me thinking.

reach. it’s something i talk about a lot in my work life as an advertising professional. helping clients extend their reach and maximize the number of eyeballs they can hit with their message is as important as actually creating that perfect message.

but what about your reach? not as a blogger or in terms of your personal brand, but in terms of you as a person? how many people’s lives do you touch and impact on a daily, weekly or yearly basis? probably a lot more than you know.  Continue reading

cheers to old fashioned commerce and karma!


i’d hoped to get this up for wine Wednesday, but well, wine Wednesday got in the way. anyhoo . . .

in the past couple weeks, i got an email asking if i would be willing to sell one of my domains. it was one that had a brief (though private) life as my blog before peaches & poppycock. but in the end, because it was tied to a name i don’t use professionally, it seemed complicated — and kind of too personal — and i parked it so i could explore going by this moniker in the blog world, instead.

i’ve never been approached for anything like this before, so i was entirely unsure how to respond to the seemingly straightforward note from a woman who said she’d owned the domain before me and was now ready to do something with it. she’d said she had recently moved from New York to California with her family and was trying to create a simpler life. i could totally totally vibe with her on that sentiment. given those circumstances, she couldn’t pay me a lot, but wanted to see if i was willing to sell and see what we could work out.

i was interested to see where this would go, so i wrote a brief note back saying i was interested, but not giving up too much information. i mean, this chick could be the next Zuckerberg with piles of VC cash behind her and i’d feel like an idiot if i gave it away for free. i wasn’t gonna just spill that GoDaddy had only appraised me at somewhere between $71 and $283. how much did she really want it? i made her start the negotiations. y’all know i’m tough like that.

well she came in at “how about a box of wine and local goodies from Santa Barbara?” cunning little minx. she’d obviously read my blog and knew i’m a sucker for wine. old hard-bargain Woodward here had just one response to that little suggestion: SOLD!

and just like that, i had an interesting little story to tell, a new acquaintance in the blogosphere and tracking numbers for 2 packages that would arrive shortly from the west coast. i also had kind of a sense of amazement that people actually did things like this anymore and no one screwed anyone over, plus warm fuzzies for helping someone get something they really wanted when having it didn’t mean a thing to me. last Friday morning when i clicked the button to confirm the transfer of emmasphere.com, i felt like a really nice thing was happening in my tiny little part of the universe. i’m not exactly sure what Emma is going to do with the site, but i definitely plan on checking in from time to time.

and as for the haul . . . Continue reading