5 on Friday

so this posting every day thing is hard, y'all! but i guess i knew that going in. it's been a while since i've challenged myself with daily posts, but that familiar feeling of torture mixed with accomplishment is still the same.  by my count, i'm down 5 posts, including one for today. so imma wrap... Continue Reading →


Friday favorites: 5 things about Irma

favorites? i dunno about that. it has been a rough week here in Atlanta. not to say my first world problems are anything in comparison to the people who really experienced the brunt of this hurricane in Florida (including one set of parents and several college friends) or Harvey in Texas.  here at my homestead... Continue Reading →

Friday favorites: Hawaiian happiness

just wow. what an amazing week it's been! i can't believe today is our last full day here. there is so much to tell. and i completely intended to do some in-depth posts while i was here, but guess what: i have been too busy actually enjoying my vacation to write about it! i still hope to... Continue Reading →

Friday favorites: best of 2015

happy 2016, y'all!! i'm tired. and not just because i stayed up too late on New Year's Eve and drank too much! (i mean, maybe that's about to happen. i'm writing this one early — for once — so i'll have to let y'all know!) and not because i had a terrible year (i'm already... Continue Reading →


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