time management

the power of 10

i am one of the biggest slackers on the planet. seriously. yet also, i’m one of the biggest to-do listers. shockingly, to my knowledge, there is no multiple personality thing going on here. whew.  but so wtf, right? honestly, living with me has to be kind of insane (even if not clinically so). just ask […]


no rest for the weary, y’all.

i know i’m cursing a lot lately. i think i’m just getting more comfortable here and worrying less what my mom and Spy think. not that they don’t know how i speak in real life OR ever even read this. that said, about this post. i am a big, big lister. i always make to-do […]


take back your time

happy Monday, y’all! after a couple stupidly over-scheduled weeks at work, i’m definitely hoping for a little less intensity and a little more productivity this week. i was not at all pleased when Apple recently announced one more way to make sure you’re constantly connected and now literally physically attached. no thank you. i mean, […]