I came across this little girl’s story on twitter today and it broke my heart. She suffers from a disease called epidermolysis bullosa that makes her skin extremely fragile, causing it to blister and tear. It is hard for her to even move because her condition is so painful. And running and playing like other 10-year […]


Hands Up for the Weekend!

Sometimes it’s the little things, y’all. Today, I’m thankful for an easy friday, with a very happy client on the other end of my only call and no unexpected work shenanigans. And now . . . Omigod. It’s the weekend! What are you thankful for today? Each day during this month of thanksgiving, I hope […]


NaBloPoMo day 23: thankful 13

oh hai. yeah, in case you haven’t looked at a calendar, Thanksgiving is mere days away. and if you have looked at the blogosphere like ever in November, you know this is the time when everyone around here makes a list of what they’re thankful for. it’s sweet. so sure, i’ll bite. it’s a great, […]