living in the moment


ironically, there isn’t a photo that could possibly capture the beautiful, the mundane, the tragic of this evening. but i wanted to somehow capture the sort of like 16,000 conflicting emotions and experiences that happen around here on any given evening, but particularly tonight. thanks for indulging me in a pretty non-typical-for me post. i’m […]


rise. rock it. repeat.

it’s Groundhog Day, y’all. i’m writing this early, but no matter what happens this morning, you know there’s gonna be 6 more weeks of winter, right? that is always the way. in Atlanta, we’re looking at some solid 50-ish temps and sun for a while. woo-hoo! but that doesn’t mean it won’t be Snowmageddon again […]


a birthday wish

today, i’m celebrating my 43rd birthday. that’s right 43. not 29 for the 15th year running. and i do mean celebrating. this year, i’m owning it — however little or much that stupid number means, it’s my official number this year and i plan to be proud of it. i’ve worked hard to get here […]