Friday favorites

soooo excited for this holiday weekend and the unofficial beginning of summer! so this week, i (kind of accidentally) have a collection of (mostly) summer-themed favorites. enjoy and TGIF! good hair days anybody remember John Freida Beach Blonde Ocean Waves Spray? hello, awesome. i used it years ago for perfect beach waves anytime. it sadly […]


how we turned 6

i am such an incredible nerd. i wish i had a sweet picture of Spy and myself from a romantic anniversary outing yesterday—kissy-facing and clinking champagne glasses on a rooftop patio as the sun sets over the Atlanta skyline behind us with a sparkle in our eyes and rainbows and baby unicorns hovering nearby . […]


sparkle city

Miss Girl picked out this pink sequined shirt for me at Old Navy a few weeks ago. i never would have pulled the trigger if she didn’t insist, but every time i put it on, i’m glad i did. it always makes me giggle.