Friday favorites: guilty pleasures

i have to write a separate, tragic post about how we are like 90% through the school year and this schedule has still not gotten comfortable for me — or pretty much anyone else in the house. these early mornings are ridiculous, y'all. it's felt like another rough week of rushing around, always being late... Continue Reading →


Friday favorites

yay! it's a big Friday around here: Miss Girl makes her acting debut this afternoon in a video we're shooting for a client (free talent is good talent on this budget). i can't wait to see how she does pretending to make popcorn and watch a movie with her fake family. speaking of fake families, i... Continue Reading →

5 things to love about winter

i know, i know. the Northeast is in the middle of a blizzard and no one up there loves winter right now (hang in there and stay safe, everyone!). you probably don't love it either. i know i don't. but i actually have been thinking about this post for a few weeks because, once you... Continue Reading →

Friday Favorites

anyone else having trouble remembering what day it is? omg. i'm on day 3 of a 5 day break from work and am pretty much in a complete days daze. it's freaking fantastic. so when i realized on the way home from the vet (fluids for Mr. P) that today is Friday, i thought what... Continue Reading →

Friday favorites

so happy to have Spy home for a few days and revert to at least some degree of normalcy here for a bit before he's off traveling the world again. that is my very favorite thing this Friday! the plan is to lay low this weekend and do stuff around the house, including a little Halloween decorating.... Continue Reading →

Blogtober 14: fall fashion

one word, people. pants. i still don't have the pants thing figured out. this post-weight-loss shopping is totally not as fun as it sounds. but it is to be hoped that between my recent trip to the seamstress and an Old Navy order currently being processed, i will at least have that ridiculously basic problem solved... Continue Reading →

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