let freedom ring

it’s one thing to see her on TV or from Manhattan or the Staten Island Ferry  . . .  seeing Lady Liberty up close this weekend during our New York trip, even just from below, was nothing short of awe-inspiring and humbling. while we were there, 3 students from Mexico, of all places, asked if... Continue Reading →


A Day Without A Woman: a conflict of privilege and duty

y'all. i feel like i have spent almost every moment of the entire past 46 days resisting. i've marched. i've flown my flag. i've called my Senators and signed all  the petitions. i've read and watched every bit of MSM and everyother news i can find. i've tried to be judicious in social media posting, only sharing the... Continue Reading →

not one step back

this past Saturday in Atlanta, we woke to a monsoon. the sky was a deep shade of charcoal that never lightened from the time i went downstairs at about 7:00 until at least 10:00. our backyard was flooding. it was clear that the $2 plastic ponchos i'd so uncharacteristically bought from Amazon as a precaution were... Continue Reading →

THIS is what the F happened last night

two years ago, after the disappointing midterms, i started this post: why Hillary can't win. TWO years, y'all. before 20 Republicans, before Bernie Sanders, before Donald Trump and Russian hacking and pussy grabbing and 650,000 emails and James-effing-Comey and, actually, before all of the whole damn circus. (screen-shot proof below.) i didn't get very far... Continue Reading →


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