getting organized

file that under beastly!

that was me just over 24 hours ago. surrounded by the most horrific display of laziness i have witnessed in quite some time and trying not to lose my mind while undoing 2 years worth of utter slack. Thursday night, we came home to find our mailbox stuffed with a nearly $900 bill for a […]


Friday favorites: la France edition 2

(photo: happy Friday, y’all! i for one am so glad this week is almost over! we’ve got a kind of full weekend of soccer (!!) and school events happening, but as long as it doesn’t involve work or anyone getting on a plane, i’m certain i can handle whatever comes up. speaking of getting […]


the power of 10

i am one of the biggest slackers on the planet. seriously. yet also, i’m one of the biggest to-do listers. shockingly, to my knowledge, there is no multiple personality thing going on here. whew.  but so wtf, right? honestly, living with me has to be kind of insane (even if not clinically so). just ask […]