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halfway to a 6-pack!

okay, i so wish it worked like that. but i, who probably haven’t done a sit up since the Presidential Fitness Test back in the day, have to give myself a pat on the back for staying with this thing for a full 15 days, now. full disclosure: i actually just completely forgot about it […]


i am a statistic . . .

i know, i know. crickets have been chirping over here lately on the diet updates front. i’ve been too ashamed to write myself through what’s happened over the past few weeks. after a totally solid first 3 weeks of hitting my goals more or less, feeling great and losing 5 pounds, i completely fell off […]


the Thai offensive

photo: that year, in early in January, the famous Miser brothers made one of their annoying little deals that they make from time to time. the two agreed that Heat Miser would let his brother, Snow Miser, put the freeze on Southtown that Monday morning (itty-bitty snowflakes, schools closed for days and all). and in return, […]