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you just called my friend fat.

file this one under nonsense, y’all. a weird thing happened in my social media world a couple weeks ago and i’ve been sitting on this a while figuring out what i wanted to say and how to say it. because it was so freaking stupid on so many levels. so here goes. a friend of […]


the cleanse: fin!

(photo: / Giane Portal) fist-in-air moment, indeed. 5 days, y’all. it’s not that impressive, but it’s all i can take. and thank god, i think it’s all i need. just for good measure, though, i actually did a salt water flush (i know, super-gross, right?) this morning and took one last dose of my […]


the cleanse: demonic day 3

that was yesterday. it was dark, y’all. like bona fide horror movie, topped with a slice of ancient-curse-style, to-the-bone wickedness dark. i was not myself. it’s pretty much a straight-up miracle i survived to write about it all. truth. i mean, what on earth? i did this thing last year at about the same time […]