Friday Favorites

Friday favorites: Labor Day edition

soooo looking forward to the long weekend! who’s with me?? the beginning of September always gets me energized to get things organized and (re)start some good new habits. to that end, i have a huge to-do list to tackle over the next 3 days, but instead of feeling overwhelmed i’m excited! here are a few […]


Friday favorites: beach edition!

happy Friday, y’all! i feel like it’s been a while. June was a crazy month between just the usual household shenanigans, the bout of death and  drama that descended and some work stuff i won’t/can’t go into. but i feel like things are getting back to normal around here . . . whatever normal is. […]


Friday favorites: blog shout-outs!

do y’all fight the urge to start like every third post with something along the lines of “OMG, things have been so crazy — sorry i haven’t posted so much lately!” i sure as hell do. Spy finally got home from his travels on Wednesday, so i’m hoping this weekend things will get more back […]