Agency Life

take back your time

happy Monday, y’all! after a couple stupidly over-scheduled weeks at work, i’m definitely hoping for a little less intensity and a little more productivity this week. i was not at all pleased when Apple recently announced one more way to make sure you’re constantly connected and now literally physically attached. no thank you. i mean, […]


3% in ATL

last fall, this Forbes article about the mismatch between female consumers and agency CDs caught my attention. and shocked me. did you know that women drive over 80% of purchasing decisions, yet the number of female creative directors at agencies hovers sadly around 3%? i don’t often write about work stuff here, but obviously, this […]


that’s a wrap!

i can’t count the number of times over the past 6.5 years that i fantasized about writing my farewell email to Razorfish. there were angry versions, sappy versions, breezy versions, short versions, long versions, versions that included video, song lyrics and animated gifs, versions that referenced inside jokes and ghosts of other fallen fish . […]