Hey, y’all. i’m Kristin. I live in Atlanta, where I have a full-time job in advertising and a part-time obsession with figuring out what I really want to do when I grow up. I'm always adding to my extensive collection of unfinished writings, to-do lists and crossword puzzles. I’m a book club failure and can’t follow a recipe to save my life. I hate running, but i try to do it anyway. because, well, fat. If there were more hours in the day, I would sleep more, write more, explore more . . . and probably run more. My life usually feels epically chaotic, but I'd honestly be bored to death if it wasn’t. (And there’s always a Chardonnay in the fridge if things get to be just too much!) When can find the time, I write about it all.

just read: White Girl Problems

so shallow and vapid. and delicious 😉 god, i really needed an easy read after that last one. let’s get real. Babe Walker is  ridiculous (i hate my vagina), but totally the kind of ridiculous i can relate to (it’s so hard being me). and that makes all the difference. plus, this one made me […]


bye-bye, sweet friend

so sad to report that yesterday, we had to put down our beloved Maury, matriarch of our household wild kingdom and the dog i often called second mommy because of how she watched after Miss Girl like her own little pup. she was 15 (that’s 105 to you and me) and her body just finally […]


worst. mommy. ever.

prefacing this one by saying that Spy is in Italy. Italy!!! for a week!! Miss Girl and i are holding down the fort here with terrible twos officially kicked in (right on schedule, as my perfect daughter would ensure). so. this is the first night ever in 2 years and who knows how many nights […]


competetive cupcaking

if anyone had told me 3 years ago that i would have done a practice round of the cupcakes i intend to take to school for Miss Girl’s second birthday, i would have told them they were fucking insane. 3 years ago, i had no idea i would be dealing with mega-mommies who somehow find […]


here i go again.

if i had a quarter for every time i’ve started a blog, stopped and then started again . . . well, i’d probably be about halfway to a Grande Americano, but still. writing a blog no one ever reads is hard, y’all. the pressure to keep myself amused and provide fodder for comment spam-bots can be crushing […]