hey, y’all. i’m Kristin. i live in Atlanta, where i have a full-time job in advertising and a part-time obsession with figuring out what i really want to do when i grow up. i’m always adding to my extensive collection of unfinished writings, to-do lists and crossword puzzles. i’m a book club failure and can’t follow a recipe to save my life. i hate running, but i try to do it anyway. because, well, fat. if there were more hours in the day, i would sleep more, write more, explore more . . . and probably run more. my life usually feels epically chaotic, but i’d honestly be bored to death if it wasn’t. (and there’s always that box of wine in the fridge if things get to be just too much!) when i can find the time, i write about it all.

there will be f-bombs

now that i’m picking this writing thing back up again, here’s an important note. in real life, i curse. a lot. well, usually a lot more than my husband would like, but less around him. sorry. i was a sailor in a past life. or maybe that’s just fucking advertising. but it’s me. and while […]


just read: Indescretion

completely not ideal to finish this on the plane to Vegas and be left with nothing to read poolside the whole weekend. alas, i was so engrossed, i just kind of assumed it would keep going simply because i wanted it to. loved the twists in this love-story-gone-wrong. halfway through, i knew someone would end […]



such a silly include, but really happy to have been a part of the #weloveatl Instagram show that opened at Young Blood Gallery last night. the goal of the effort is to bring the citizens of Atlanta together to tell simple & authentic photographic stories of their love for the city and the people that […]


just read: When It Happens to You

okay, so i’m a total 80s nerd and had to read this partly just because it’s Molly Ringwald for god’s sake! but it was actually amazing. a series of stories with intertwined characters, with the central theme of betrayal. really beautifully written and amazing characters with compelling stories from page 1. can’t wait ’til she […]


just (not) read: Gold

maybe it was the difference between reading a real book instead of a (fabulously) tawdry scandal that writes itself, but i just could not force my brain to get into this one. i had been so excited after Little Bee, but just did not fall in love with the characters instantly in this one like […]



received this fortune at lunch today and found it really special—not only because i haven’t had Chinese food in sooooo long—but because i found it fascinating that the message wasn’t about something i  could look forward to. it was about how i could improve the life of someone else, which after getting over the whole […]