fresh look, new things afoot!

it’s a hot mess up in here, y’all. if you’re visiting for the first time in a while, you probably (long ago) noticed nobody’s been home much for months. y’all know i’m not one to make too many apologies or excuses about that.

you also probably noticed things around here got re-decorated a little. it’s a work in progress and, honestly, you might see things change again before i get it just so . . . isn’t that always the way when you’re trying to perfect a look?

but i wanted to post an update because i’m finally feelin’ this whole blogging thing again (she said, totally not sure she’s actually feelin’ this whole blogging thing again, but determined to hold on to the seed of inspiration that is there), which i hope is a sign of emergence from the funk i’ve been in most of the year. don’t even get me started . . .

so, i’m making a concerted effort in August to ramp back up, post more regularly and be a little more thoughtful about how this whole thing goes (or really, just post on most days). for whatever that’s worth . . . lol. should be a fun ride. hope you feel safe to get back in the car with me and come along! no seatbelt needed, i swear. i’m like so 55 in the right lane . . .


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